Magic Brackets™ Automatic Clamping Wireless Car Charger Mount

$29.95 $49.95


The Magic Brackets™ Car Charger easily mounts to your dash and looks stylish and trendy.

Are you an on-the-go type of person? Do you find that your cellphone is always in need of a charge during the most inconvenient times?

Our car-mounted charger lets you quickly charge your phone from your vehicle, hands-free. And get this, your phone remains completely functional during the process!

As soon as you hop into your car, place your phone onto the easy-to-install mount and your phone will be fully charged before you reach the end of your driveway.

  • Innovative new car phone holder with an infrared sensor
  • 360˚ clip secures it to your car's air outlet, dashboard, and windshield.
  • Padded non-slip silicone backing protects your precious phone against scratches
  • With USB connectivity for race-car-fast wireless cell phone charging
  • Easy to install and compatible with all wireless charging Smartphones (Android & iPhone)
  • Fits all types of sizes (From 4" to 6.8")